Disciples of Astaroth was an industrial project put together in Boston by Brit The Unholy and Dräcos in 1996. MilitiA., then known as Syrenne, (/Sigh-ren/) was brought in as an additional vocalist, and then Lord Migraine on guitar. Their fans consisted of college kids, ravers, drag queens and other creatures of the night.  Disciples recorded ten tracks for their album "Embrace The Empty" which received college radio airplay and were also sold at the wild concerts they played from Boston to NYC.  They also recorded a cover of "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove" which was released on Cleopatra's "The Carnival Within (A Tribute To Dead Can Dance)". The band broke up in 2000 when the four members left Boston and moved to opposite ends of the country. This was MilitiA.'s first band.