The mission of The Scarlet Tongue Project is to explore the social taboo of anger as it is expressed by women around the world through art.  


 The Scarlet Tongue Project is proud to present to you the extended trailer for our film pilot! Please follow us at for updates and events to see the full footage from this piece, as well as exciting news as we continue meeting artists around the world, building communities, raising awareness, and push ahead with our work on the full-length feature film.

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Featured in this piece: Karin Webb, Jolie LaVie, Militia Vox, Laina Dawes, Saraswathi Jones, Karla McLaren, Castrator, Lilith Beest

Produced and Directed by Samantha Bryan (Belle Gunz) - Edited by Beren Jones -
Production Assistants: Joe Sherry, Eowyn Evans (Holy Crow)